What methods are used by professional manufacturers to avoid rusting of cable tray

2020-06-16 17:08:47 166

Bridge is an important auxiliary equipment of power transmission, which can be used in indoor and outdoor environment. In order to extend the service life of bridge and avoid bridge rust, bridge manufacturers have used many methods.

The traditional and old way is to brush paint, brush paint on the surface of the bridge, and form a protective layer by the paint, so as to prevent the bridge from contacting with the nature, and naturally there will be no rust. However, the paint is relatively easy to fall and needs to be repainted later, so the cost of this method is relatively high.

The same is the formation of a protective layer on the surface of the bridge, galvanizing technology is more popular. The hot-dip galvanizing treatment on the surface of the bridge can form the galvanizing layer, which can also prevent the bridge from rusting, and the galvanizing layer will not fall off, which also saves a lot of trouble in later maintenance.

With the update and development of technology, Wuhan cable bridge has found a new way to prevent the bridge from rusting, that is to use FRP, aluminum alloy or SMC plastic to make the bridge. These materials are all stainless materials, used to make the bridge will not rust, very suitable!