How to choose the manufacturer of aluminum alloy cable bridge

2020-06-16 17:09:08 179

The surface of aluminum alloy cable tray is treated by sand blasting and anodizing, and a natural oxidation protective film is formed on the surface. It is not only anti-corrosion, but also anti electromagnetic interference, especially its anti shielding interference ability, which is a special function of aluminum alloy cable tray different from other steel cable tray.

Aluminum alloy cable tray is widely used in various industries due to its simple structure, beautiful appearance, high dimensional accuracy, light weight and large bearing capacity. Because of its strong corrosion resistance and long service life, it is especially widely used in some projects in coastal fog, high humidity and strong corrosive environment.

When choosing aluminum alloy cable tray manufacturers, we should choose regular manufacturers with scale and qualification. Shandong Tai'an Jinheng Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, has been committed to the production and research and development of various materials of cable bridge. In the past ten years, Jinheng people have been at the leading level in the cable bridge industry with their pragmatic and realistic spirit. Shandong Tai'an Jinheng Electric Co., Ltd. has a long history of gold quality, and is dedicated to be a professional cable bridge manufacturer beside you.

Aluminum alloy cable tray as the company's advantage products, has enjoyed a good reputation in the industry. In August 2019, our company won the trust of customers through the quality of products and successfully signed the purchase order of aluminum alloy cable bridge of a large state-owned enterprise in Qingdao. The materials of this order are all aluminum alloy materials, including aluminum alloy channel type profile bridge, aluminum alloy profile ladder, aluminum alloy profile tray bridge and some supporting aluminum alloy tee, aluminum alloy elbow and other bridge accessories. Advantages of Shandong Taian Jinheng Electric Co., Ltd. in the production of aluminum alloy cable bridge: 1. Strict material selection for plates and profiles, check for customers from the source 2. Short production cycle, timely supply 3. Fine workmanship, high quality products. Welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to visit our factory.