Professional supplier introduces the structure characteristics of dense bus duct to you

2020-06-16 17:09:51 173

Structure characteristics of dense bus duct

1) Strong heat dissipation

Phase to phase and phase to shell are close together, so it can bear large electric stress and thermal stress. And it can quickly dissipate the heat generated by the conductive row, with large current carrying capacity. The joint is fastened with insulated bolts and connected with double connection copper bars, which effectively increases the contact area of the joint and greatly reduces the temperature rise of the joint.

2) New generation of environmental protection products

The conductive row is wound with flame-retardant cross-linked polyethylene heat shrinkable sleeve, which has strong insulation performance and no toxic gas emission in case of fire.

3) Flexible wiring

The plug-in interface is flexible and convenient, and a large number of plug-ins can be set. It has strong universality. When adjusting the position of the electrical equipment, there is no need to change the power supply system.