Analysis of characteristics of air insulated enclosed bus duct by professional manufacturers

2020-06-16 17:10:11 180

Introduction of air insulated enclosed bus duct

1. Shell

This series of bus duct shell produced by our factory is rolled and formed by molding machine, small in size, exquisite in appearance, with enough load capacity, supporting and protecting bus duct system, avoiding mechanical damage. The enclosure (except for punching the cooling holes) can ensure the protection level above IP40; the enclosure of the bus duct itself can ensure good grounding continuity.

The shell material is generally made of steel plate, and the anti-corrosion treatment can be carried out by painting, plastic spraying, electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing and other methods; for bus ducts over 4000A, the shell is made of aluminum plate or stainless steel plate due to eddy current heating. When the user has special requirements for corrosion protection, the bus duct under 4000A can also be made of aluminum plate or stainless steel plate.

2. Conductor

The current carrying parts are made of copper, aluminum or other alloy materials, and all the contacts and connections of the busbar are tinned.

3. Insulating parts

Insulation materials used in air insulated closed bus can withstand the long-term heat resistance of the temperature rise test temperature, and have enough insulation capacity, mechanical strength and anti-aging ability.

4. Joint

Bus duct joint can ensure enough contact surface and insulation capacity; all joint bolts are set to facilitate safety inspection and maintenance.