How to buy MNS type low voltage switch cabinet

2020-06-16 17:11:09 178

With the development of modern social economy and science and technology, low-voltage complete sets of equipment are in full bloom. From the type of components to the performance of components, to the supporting switch complete sets of cabinets, there have been many progress, as well as many types and models of switch complete cabinets

MNS type low-voltage complete set of switchgear is suitable for the power system of 50-60Hz and rated working voltage of 660V and below, for the power plant, transformer substation, petrochemical, metallurgical steel rolling and other industrial and mining enterprises, residential quarters, high-rise buildings and other places, as the power conversion and consumption equipment control of the power system of AC 50-60Hz and rated working voltage of 660V and below.

The basic frame of the device is a combined and assembled structure. All parts of the frame are galvanized. They are fastened and connected to each other by self tapping locking screws or 8.8-level hex screws to form a basic frame. Then, according to the change of the scheme, the corresponding doors, sealing plates, partitions, mounting brackets, buses, functional units and other components are added to form a complete device. The dimensions of parts in the device are The size of the compartment is modularized

The protection circuit is composed of PE line (or pen line) installed separately and running through the whole arrangement length and conductive structural parts. In addition to the external doors and sealing plates, all the metal structural parts in the device are galvanized. The joints of the structural parts are carefully designed to pass a certain short-circuit current.

An auxiliary circuit cable trough is arranged on the top of the functional unit compartment, in which the inter cabinet connecting line and the public power line can be placed.