What are the problems of high voltage switch cabinet introduced by the manufacturer

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High voltage switch cabinet plays the role of on-off, control or protection in power generation, transmission, distribution, energy conversion and consumption of power system. The composition of high voltage cabinet mainly includes high-voltage circuit breaker, high-voltage disconnector and grounding switch, high-voltage load switch, high-voltage auto reclosing and sectionalizer, high-voltage operating mechanism, high-voltage explosion-proof distribution device and high-voltage switch cabinet.

Composition and components of high voltage switchgear

Composition of switchgear:

The switchgear shall meet the relevant requirements of gb3906-1991 "3-35 kV AC metal enclosed switchgear", which is composed of two parts: cabinet body and circuit breaker, and has the functions of overhead incoming and outgoing line, cable incoming and outgoing line, bus connection, etc.

The cabinet body is composed of shell, electrical components (including insulation parts), various mechanisms, secondary terminals and wiring, etc.

1. Cabinet material:

1) Cold rolled steel plate or angle steel (for welding cabinet);

2) Aluminum zinc coated steel plate or galvanized steel plate (for assembling cabinet);

3) Stainless steel plate (non magnetic);

4) Aluminum plate (non-magnetic);

2. Functional unit of cabinet:

1) Main bus room (generally, the main bus is arranged in two structures of "product" or "1");

2) Circuit breaker room;

3) Cable room;

4) Relay and instrument room;

5) Cabinet top small bus room;

6) Secondary terminal room.